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Product Information

Dealer Stater Kit

Product Code: DEALER KIT

Dealer kit is intended for Dealers/Distributors who are looking to have access to 1 of each item we carry.  This kit is not intended for resale.

Dealer Kit includes:

1 of each color full pipe assembly (body, 1 screen-in bowl, 3" tube, and all stainless steel hardware)

  • Pipe Colors include one of each: Green, Gun Metal Grey, Blue, Purple, Black and Red.

1 of each extra tube (6", 9", 12" and 18" tube with the option of your company/store custom text)

1 Cleaning tool

1 Brass Carburetor

1 Glass Bowl

1 Glass Screen (color varies)

1 Brass Party Bowl

1 Stainless Party Bowl

3 Extra Screens



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